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a good weekend was had by all...

which means, of course, I did zip in the way of writing 🙂

We went house viewing on Saturday. Discovered that freezing in Melbourne meant flaming freezing in Woodend and Trentham. Thank God both houses had woodheaters to thaw out next to. We also checked out a 50 square house on half an acre in Greenvale. Now, you’d think a 50 square house would actually have some decent sized bedrooms, but you’d be wrong. At least, this place didn’t. The main bedroom was huge, but the others were barely the size of the bedrooms we currently have, and our little place is only eighteen squares or so. Still, the half acre was nice. Just a shame the house didn’t match. The day did solidify our desire to move no further than Greenvale, though, so I guess it was successful in that way.

Sunday Pete went to the footy (and the doggies won, so he was happy, happy when he got home) and I went out plant shopping. I love visiting nurseries and checking out all the plants that we can’t grow because of our clay soil. I did buy some–got some advanced shrubs in the vague hope that the dogs won’t run over these ones like they have all the others.

Monday we all trundled over to the in-laws for lunch, and came back full and happy little piggies 😀

Today I actually wrote! I’m currently sitting on four pages completed, and I’m planning to write at least one more page. This story has definitely taken a sharp right turn, but I think it needed to. I do like it when my characters get gruesome, and Destiny is about to kill someone. With the help of the sea, of course. And in the process, she’ll remember exactly who–and what–she is.

It’s all good! (I hope!)

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