I actually managed to get a decent amount of writing done for a change yesterday. Ten pages all up, and I’m pretty pleased with that. The plot for this story continues to take unexpected turns, though. I’m still in the middle of the scene where Destiny is questioning one of her hunters, and what’s come out has totally managed to zap the scene I’d intended to follow this one. So, I’m rudderless again. I just have to hope the muse knows what she’s doing! Of course, I still have a general idea of where I want this to end, and I even know the last few lines, but the getting there has me worried. And as usual, I’m now starting to panic that it won’t be long enough. You’d think after all these years of not writing short, I’d learn to trust the muse, but no…

Anyway, I’m hoping for at least the minimum of five pages today. I’ve still got to finish the current scene, and then have Destiny finally remembering what she is. Plenty of writing in that, hopefully.

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