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a HUGE congrats...

to my friend (and fellow lulu), Melanie Scott for being a finalist not once, but twice, in RWAmerica’s Golden Heart award! Her werewolf story finalled in the paranormal category, and one of her category novels finalled in the short contemporary category. That’s totally amazing, and so totally well deserved! Fingers crossed for a win, mate!

In other news, Dangerous Games is out tomorrow! It’ll be interesting to see how this one goes, as it is the first book that doesn’t involve the main clone/DNA splicing storyline of the first three books. Of course, it does have one main plot thread that carries over–in the form of Gautier. And he’s at his evil best in this one 😀

Writing wise, the sixth Riley book continues to trundle along. I’ve finished writing the female vamp scene, but I’m not sure if it hits the mark or not, so I’m going to take it along to our lulu crit session this Sat, and see what the girls think.

In doggie news, Ella went back to the vet yesterday, because we discovered she’s got a rash around the top of her tail. Turns out the rash caused by her constantly licking the site due to the fact her renal glands were swollen. So, the vet unblocked them. (and just a note here–if you can avoid being in the room when renal glands are being cleaned, do so. The smell is DiSGUSTING. And it stays with you all damn day, no matter how many times you wash!) So the upshot is, Ella now has a shaved butt (to match her shaved shoulders, a left over from all the scans and x-rays she had for her leg), and she now has to have tablets and creams for the next seven days or so. And she’s not talking to me because I took her to those people again.

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