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as the title says, we were invaded. By ants. The little buggers were everywhere. Our white kitchen benches were black, there were little black lines spreading out over the floor (much to the delight of the rather large huntsman spider that was running around these lines excitedly), and there were black line going up the wall to our pantry. And in the pantry. Thankfully, their little foray into the foodstuff had only just started, because they hadn’t even gotten into the sugar yet.

So, a rather large amount of spraying followed (the spider we caught in a jar and threw outside. I generally don’t kill huntsman unless they try to get into bed with me). But it makes me wonder why they decided to invade today. It used to be that ants invading were a sign that rain was coming, so lets hope that old saying holds true. Of course, it could be that the little buggers were just hungry.

Writing? Well, that’s plodding along slowly at the moment. I’m still writing the scene with the female vamp boss, and that woman is trying to seduce Riley. Not what I’d intended at all, but characters do have a habit of throwing up unexpected ideas when you’re writing them. Of course, Riley is not at all impressed with said atttempts, so it’s all quite interesting. But it’s slow going, because I don’t want the scene to be too…tacky.

oh, and here’s a pic of a huntsman for those who have never seen one;

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