a late new years resolution

I decided on the weekend that enough was enough–that I was being totally lazy, and allowing my muse to get away with blue murder. Well, doing nothing, at any rate. So I’ve decided that until I finish the fourth of the Riley books, I need to write ten pages a day, five days a week. No more, no less. This is my job now, and it’s about time I started treating it that way.

Yesterday was my first day on the ‘job’ and I pleased to report it was successful. I at least did my alotted ten pages, even if it took forever (I finished writing at ten at night. Of course, 20-20 cricket was on, the Aussies against South Africa, and the Aussies were at their smashing best. SO, I will admit to a fair bit of time being lost there. ;) Of course, TV watching aside, the fact that it did take forever to write ten pages wasn’t helped by the fact the muse couldn’t seem to concentrate for more than two hours, and had to ‘refresh’ itself by playing computer games, cruising the net or watching the above mentioned cricket on TV. Still, I don’t particularily care how the ten pages are done or how long they damn well take, just as long as they’re done. So, I’m currently sitting on 358 pages completed, which means that by the end of this week, I should be sitting close to 400 pages. And that, in turn, means this books should technically be finished some time next week. Of course, I still have a couple of nasty scenes to write, but my new motto is (as the Nike blurb says), just do it.

Of course, I also have to have another jab in my shoulder tomorrow, in an attempt the fix the bursitis and muscle tear there, and I’m told the second jab can be the worst (of course, the person who told me this could also be a wuss :D ) So, hopefully, that won’t stop things in their tracks.

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