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day two, smart puppies, and audio books

Day two of my late New Years resolution, and the writing again went rather well. The muse still didn’t concentrate for more than two hours at a time, but I ended up writing 12 pages, so the muse can fart around all she wants if that’s the sort of output we end up with. Right now, I’m in the middle of the ‘nasty’ scene, and just about to put Riley in the stocks (literally) and torture her some. It’ll be interesting to see how this whole scene reads once I actually finish it. Then, of course, I have the scene I’ve been building up to for the past three books–the fight between Gautier and Riley. This one does scare me–because of said build up–and I just hope I can do justice to it. I’m currently sitting on 370 pages done, and hoping to be on 380 this time tomorrow (if the needle in the shoulder doesn’t hurt my arm too much this afternoon. Yeah, yeah, I’m a wuss 🙂 )

In other book news, Random House sent me a couple of copies of the audio book of Full Moon Rising. They look absolutely smashing, and been I’ve proudly showing them off to anyone and everyone who will give me the chance (even some who didn’t want to give me the chance 😀 ) The actress they got to read is Tamara Lovatt-Smith (who, eerily, rather looks like the image I had of Riley), and she does a brill job. I’ve only had the time to listen to some of the first disk, and I have to say, it’s rather odd at first to hear someone reading your own words. But it’s also such a buzz!

In puppy news, the shitting machine known as Finn is proving to be a very smart little man indeed. He’s already worked out how to use the dog door, though the heavy plastic dog door flap probably weighs a whole lot more than he does. He doesn’t use it to go outside to do his business, of course. He just goes out to wreck the garden some more. And he’s already walking on a lead–as long as the leaping lab is being walked with him. Put him on a lead any other time and you have a fight on your hands. Still, it’s a start, and considering he’s not quite ten weeks old, he’s doing rather well.

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