one scene down, three to go

Well, the nasty scene is finally written. I’m not sure I’m entirely happy with how it’s written, but for now, I’m just happy I have words down on page and I can now move on to the sacrifice scene. This is the scene where Riley gets to kick some bad guy butt. Me and the muse like writing those :) I did fall down slightly on meeting my target yesterday–I did 8 pages instead 10–but I’m still very happy with that result. Especially seeing I was out most of the afternoon doing some shopping (got myself a very nice handbag) and visiting the lovely Robyn. Who promptly stole my audio book so she could listen to it before the crit meeting. Ms. Robyn, I expect a full review :)

Oh, and Gabrielle tagged me yesterday (the link to her blogsite is on the right). Sorry G, but I’m not doing it. :( Mainly because I can’t think of five answers for most of the categories, but also because I’m trying to keep this blog mostly about the writing :)

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