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a lost couple of days writing wise...

It’s been a weird couple of days. We had a RWAustralia face-to-face committee meeting here in Melbourne over the weekend, and while they’re lots of fun (and usually involve much chocolate, wine and gossip–after hours, of course 😀  ), they’re also rather tiring. It didn’t help that the beds were like rocks and that it always takes me a few days to get used to the combination of late nights and a new bedroom–which is why I usually looked wrecked for the first few days of a conference, and that’s totally bad news if the conference is only a couple of days long.  The upshot of the weekend is that lots of planning got done, and I came home totally tired. I still went to gym as usual on Monday, but I think that drained the last of my reserves, because the brain refused to function when it came to writing. It only wanted to veg out.

Today wasn’t a whole lot better, but for different reasons. I had some website stuff that needed to be done for RWA, and then an author questionnaire came in from Little, Brown (Hatchette Livre Australia). That took the better part of the afternoon to complete, so there just wasn’t any writing time left. But I do have an Australian release date for The Darkest Kiss–May 2008 🙂

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll make up for the slackness of the last few days. I need to at least roll over the 200 page mark by the end of the week, otherwise my plans to finish this book by the end of Feb will be busted.

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