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I got the galleys in yesterday for To Die For, which is my story in Kim Harrison’s Hotter than Hell anthology. Of course, given this is being released in June, they basically want any corrections back straight away, so guess what I’m going to be doing today? Yep, reading and correcting. Although given there’s only 30 pages to the story, hopefully there won’t be many mistakes–especially given I usually only find a dozen or so in my novels once they’ve reached galley stage (which is not saying that there isn’t more there, just that I didn’t find them 😉 )

In writing news, Riley 7 continues to roll along. As do the subtle changes to the plot. But I guess my muse wouldn’t be happy unless she’s changing something–after all, I’ve spent all these years making it up as I go along, so strictly following a plot line was never going to happen. I’ve just written a scene that turned out to be a great deal hotter than the plot line required, and I was left in two minds as to whether it was better to leave the characters wanting, or to go all the way. In the end, I did the former rather than the latter, simply because it makes more story sense for Riley at this point in time, and it fits with the overall story arc better. But her partner in the ‘almost’ escapade is sure to get more hot scenes with our girl in future novels, simply because I love writing him. Actually, this book is turning out to be great fun, because there’s three hot guys in it, and though each one is different, they’re all turning out to be scene stealers. And no, I can’t tell you who they are–that would be spoiling the story. 🙂

In release news this week, I finally have a release date for Destiny Kills! It’s officially out October 28 2008. WooHoo! (lots of happy dancing from me, here). There’s no cover art or anything for it yet, but as soon as I get anything, I’ll be sure to share with you all 🙂

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