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a woohoo and some answers

Just headed on over to Rosemary’s to check out some books, and saw that Full Moon Rising is in their top ten best sellers for the month! How cool is that? 🙂 I’ve never been a best seller in any book store before now, so excuse me while I do a little happy dance! 😀 Of course, my ImaJinn books are pretty darn hard to get in any store, here or in the U.S., so Rosemary gets a huge THANK YOU from me for not only getting in FMR, but many of my ImaJinn books as well. It’s fantastic to actually be able to walk into a store here in Australia, and see so many of my books on the shelves. 🙂

Onto some questions–or rather, some answers to some questions I’ve been getting asked regularily about Full Moon Rising.

Will Riley and the gang be back in another book?
Yep, all the gang are back in the next book. There’s actually another three books already written–Kissing Sin, Tempting Evil, and Dangerous Games. Kissing Sin will be released in October this year.

Is there a planned end for the series?
At this stage, no. And given how I plan to end the fifth book, I think I’d be lynched if I didn’t write the sixth. What happens after that really depends on how well the series is doing

Will Quinn and Riley get together?

Now, if I answer this that would be spoiling the ride!

Is the werewolf mythology in Full Moon Rising related to any of your other books?
In a sense, yes, because the mythology in Full Moon Rising grew out of the other werewolf books I’ve written. The moon dance is mentioned in Beneath a Rising Moon and, to a lesser extent, Beneath a Darkening Moon, and the moon increasing the sexual appetite of a werwolf was also mentioned in Circle of Desire. The world building in FMR is different, of course, but many of the key elements did develop out of those previous books.

Will FMR come out in paperback.
Yep. The paperback release is set for later this year.

Will there be as much sex in Kissing Sin?
Riley is an inherently sexual being, so yes, there will be sex in all the books. But the moon isn’t rising in Kissing Sin, so no, there’s not as much. The sexual content in the books will ebb and flow, depending on the plot and the situation.

If you have any other questions, just send them along and I’ll answer them here 🙂

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