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my editor is a tease....

Why? Because she emailed yesterday to let me know the last lot of Kissing Sin edits were all good, and that she was turning it into production. (which means I’ll undoubtedly get a long list of line edits soon 😉 Anyway, she just happens to casually mention that she’s sitting at her desk with my Kissing Sin cover composition in front of her, and that it looks absolutely gorgeous!


So, of course, I can’t wait to see it. It’s all blues and silvers (at the moment, anyway), which sounds totally stunning. As soon as I get it, I’ll post it, so you can all check it out. If its anywhere near as stunning as the first cover, I’ll be a happy, happy woman 🙂

In writing news, things are cruising along nicely, if a bit slowly. Wrote 6 pages of the Loch Ness book on Monday and Tuesday, but I’m still struggling with this one and I think it’s because I’m still not clear where exactly I want to go with it. But I did come up with an idea to end the current chapter, so that’s one more step forward. I’m actually up to 106 pages written of this one, so that’s a quarter of the book done. I like milestones like that–makes the end seem that much closer. The other book I’m writing is the fifth Riley (the current working title is Dead Man’s Revenge–though I’m not exactly sure where the dead man mentioned in the title actually fits into it as yet.) I wrote five pages of this yesterday–finishing the first chapter–and have to say, this one is flowing a whole lot nicer than the Loch Ness book. Maybe it’s simply because I know these characters so much better than my Loch Ness characters. Which is natural, I guess, considering one is a first book and one a fifth. First books are always more difficult–it’s harder to get the right mix of introductions, worldbuilding, action and characterisations into them. It’s a fine line between too little and too much information, and more than one book has failed because this mix hasn’t been right. Anyway, Dead Man has already deviated from my original idea, and we are definitely going to learn more about the Jensen pack and the people who made Riley’s growing years such hell. Not sure if we’ll meet her mother yet, but she’s already been mentioned in passing. Should be an interesting ride!

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