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an update and lol...

I love Star Trek–but I’m an original trekkie rather than a fan of the more recent series. No Next Generation for this little black duck! Hell, I even used to go see marathons in cruddy old movie theatres (mainly to see the blopper reels. lol). I also love the parodies of the Onion Network News, and when they decided to do a feature on the new Star Trek movie, well, I had to share (btw, I love the look of the new movie, and I’m definitely going to see it–but I need to check out Hugh’s form in Wolverine first.  🙂  )

onto the update…well, I’d barely gotten home from our trip (read here, the brain was still in travel mode and the body was beginning to suffer from the screwed up sleeping hours it had endured over the last few weeks), when the edits for Bound to Shadows came in, so I’ve been ass-down at my computer trying to get those done. I’ve also been trying to keep a writing schedule for the next book–6 pages a day is what I need to do from now on in if I’m to have any hope of getting the last book finished on time. So far I’ve managed the required amount of pages, but some days, putting those words on paper really feels like teeth being pulled. I won’t get anything done this weekend, as it’s Mum’s Day here in Oz on Sunday, and I need to visit my mums. And today will be a washout, as I need to visit the lawyer. But hopefully I’ll be able to write a few pages tonight–if I don’t try to keep up with the schedule, I can see me getting into deep do-do come August (hand-in day).

I have some great pics from both RT and our holiday, and once I get my act together and reduce the size of the things, I’ll start posting them here and on my website.

Oh, and while I remember, fellow deadline dame Devon Monk has a new book out–Magic in the Blood. Head on over to her website to check out the details (I’d post the cover but my ftp program has screwed up and won’t let me into my website at the moment!)

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