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has been very bad for the health of my credit card. There’s simply too much good shopping to be had here–although I will say it’s not the cheapest place on earth. But the variety…wow!

We have done more than shop, but I wish we’d allowed more time. Waikiki Beach, and Honolulu itself, is stunning, but we’ve barely seen all the sights here let alone the other islands. We took a day tour around the island and, of course, did the Pearl Harbor tour, but we haven’t had time for much more. I am definitely coming back here–and in April/May. The weather is stunning, the beaches are beautiful, the people friendly, and the food delish!

And now I have to go back to cold old Melbourne–and the weather there has gotten decidedly frosty! Temps in the mountains where I live have been hitting a low of 6 c (37 F) to an average of 16 c (60 F). Compare that to an average daily temperature of low 80 F here in Honolulu, and basically, I’m going back to freeze to death. Esp since we wont have decent heating installed until next Wednesday!

talk to you all later–if the fingers are capable of typing when they’re frozen, that is. lol

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