and the winner is...

Amy Allen from Las Vegas. Congrats Amy! Your prize is on its way (being posted today–as long as the line at the post office isn’t too long. Hate waiting! lol)

There’s still nothing much else happening in my writing world. With all the edits coming in at the moment, my plan to get a good chunk of the 3rd Risa book done by Christmas has basically gone out the window. And I’m probably only going to have a couple of ‘free’ days for writing this week, because the line edits for Beneath a Rising Moon were sent last week, which means they’ll be in by Weds or Thurs. And of course, even though the book isn’t out for another 14 months, they’ll want them turned around ASAP. lol. Still no word on covers for the Ripple Creek or Risa books, but I guess that’s to be expected given how far off the release dates are.

As I said, nothing much is happening. If anything interesting does happen, I shall let you all know!

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