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Last day...

to enter the cover flat contest. It’s already Dec 1 here in Oz, but given the U.S. is a day behind, you’ve all got one last day. So enter away to win the cover flat and other goodies!

Nothing much has been happening in my writing world. I’ve completed the Risa 2 edits and sent them off, and have just been informed that the Beneath a Rising Moon edits are on the way. Bantam are intent on keeping me busy on the run-up to Christmas! lol. Of course, the worst part of it for you guys is, none of these books are coming out any time soon. 🙁 At least Mercy is coming out mid-April. That’s something to cheer about, anyway.

Oh, and something of a minor miracle happened this week….I began my Christmas shopping! A whole 20 days before I usually begin! I kid you not. I’m usually one of those last minute panic shoppers, but this year, I’ve actually gotten a little more organised, and have completed my major Christmas purchases (much to the frustration of my daughter, who knows what she’s getting but isn’t allowed to touch it until Christmas. I’m a mean mum ) Of course, this does not mean there won’t be last minute panic buying, but at least this year, it’ll only be for the five presents I haven’t yet bought rather than the usual ten or so.

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