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another day, another 6 pages

I’ve actually had a couple of good days of writing. Of course, I need to, because I’ve joined the custard tarts (I did not pick the name…but I like it!) on their fifty thousand words or bust challenge. Of course, I’m not actally planning to write 50 000 words, just get this book finished by Christmas, and get at least the third chapter of the stalled Loch Ness story done. Which will mean I’ll have to do about 40 000 words by Christmas, so that’s definitely challenge enough. Anyway, just so my fellow custard tarts know my page count and know I’m not cheating, I’m currently sitting on 306 pages completed. 😉

In other writing news, my agent liked the romantic suspense I sent, and is planning to start sending that out next week. It’ll be interesting to see what happens there–see whether the market likes or not. I plan on using a pseudonym if it does get picked up, just to keep my fantasy and paranormal novels seperate from my straighter romance ones. It’d be nice if it did get picked up…I might then have a chance of selling some of my other ‘straight’ romances I have sitting here. And hey, for those princesses hanging around waiting to see what happens with the Robbie story, it might even prompt me to finish it! 😀

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