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Well, I didn’t manage to get the five pages done on Wednesday. I was mostly too busy transfering files and programs from my old computer to my new one. It’s a long process, and I’ve still got all my email files to go, so if you’re waiting on an email response from me–I’m getting there! I think I managed a whole page and a half on Wednesday, but yesterday I wrote eight, so I have actually rolled over the 290 page mark and I’m racing towards the 300.

But this story is continually taking a different track to what I plan–and I just love that. Every writer writes a different way, and there’s absolutely no right or wrong way to write, but I just can’t ever imagine plotting a story. Fully plotting, I mean. Half the joy in writing (for me) is the journey of discovery–I love seeing where the story goes, what the characters do. Sure, I have a general overall plan, and I have certain threads I want drawn into the story (particularily this one, as it’s the fourth in a series and has to contain certain elements from the previous novels) but it’s a truly amazing experience to just write, allowing the words and the characters and the plot to go where they will, and then reach the end and realise it really does all make sense.

You know, this writing gig is a pretty damn amazing job–when the muse isn’t stressing out over storylines or panicking over whether we’re ever going to be good enough 😉

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