another good day...

at the office. I’ve not only rolled over 50 pages, but I’m now over sixty. The next milestone moment I’m aiming for is 100 pages–one quarter of the book. I’d actually be happy if I could get close to half the book done by the time I head off to RT in April, but whenever I say something like that, crap happens. And of course, I won’t be doing much writing this weekend–I’m off to Iris’s for lunch today (and that always ends up being a late afternoon chatterfest) and the Lulu crit session is tomorrow.

And speaking of Lulus, a huge congrats to Mz. Chris, who made it into the final three of RWNZ’s Second Chance contest. As the title suggests, this comp gives a second chance to all those who finalled in any RWNZ and RWAust comp, so the competition and the standard is high. All three finalists now have their work being winged over to judge Paula Eykelhof, so my fingers and toes are crossed for you, Chris!

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