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finally. I didn’t actually do any book writing on Tuesday, but I did do a lot of writing. I had a couple of email interview requests from vampire romance and dearauthor that had to be answered, so I spent all morning doing those. And in the afternoon, the revisions for Eryn–my erotic paranormal novella that’s coming out with ImaJinn late March–came in, so those had to be done straight away.

Even Wednesday morning didn’t see a whole lot of book writing done. I had to write a backcover blurb for Eryn, which oftens feels harder to do than actual book writing. Here’s what I came up with (remember, this is in ‘as is’ form. My editor will probably tweak it to smoothe out the rough edges):

Eryn James was a medical secretary, not a police officer, but when the police came calling for her assistance in tracking down a killer, she jumped at the chance. Not because she had any real desire to hunt down a killer, but because the task involved playing bait in Lifemate Connections–one of the most exclusive and expensive bars in town.

In a world where men outnumbered women ten to one, and long-term relationships were frowned upon, bars like Lifemate provided a safe environment for women and men to meet and ‘test drive’ possible suitors without the initial risk of taking them home. Only five patrons of the bar had recently been murdered, and as a shifter with a keen sense of smell, it was now Eryn’s task to track the killer down.

But no matter how much she trusted her nose to get her out of trouble, she wasn’t about to go in there alone. The club was full of security, and there were cops sitting in a van outside the club, listening to her every word and move.

How dangerous could playing bait actually be?

Then she met Grey Stockard…a man who oozed sex appeal and danger with every movement.

A man she wanted with every ounce of her being.

A man she just might end up dying for.

See, there’s not a whole lot of words involved in that blurb, but it still took me an indecent amount of time to do. But finally, in the afternoon, I was free to work on Riley 6. The plot is still shifting away from my original ideas–though it is currently following a similar plot line. It’s just the settings and the characters that are changing. I’d originally planned to set some of it in a brothel, but the brothel as now become a group on rich, bored women known as the Toorak Trollops. They’re much more fun to write about that ladies of the night, I can tell you 🙂 Anyway, I ended up writing 8 pages, which wasn’t a bad effort. I’m closing in fast on 50 pages done, which is always a good milestone to reach–the books starts feeling real by about page 50 🙂

oh, and while I remember, I’m taking part in a chat today over on D.M. Simmons site, along with Kelley Armstrong, DM Simmons (of course), Skylar Sinclair and Dana Littlejohn. So if you’re got nothing to do around 7pm, U.S. Central time (midday Aussie time), then pop in for a chat 🙂

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