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I hate frontpage....

I use it, but I hate it.

As you can probably gather, Frontpage turned out to be a major source of the problems I had once I loaded up the new site on Sunday. After a very restless night of sleeping (ie hardly any sleep because my mind refused to forget about it, and I was laying there half the night wondering what in the hell had gone wrong), I got up this morning, opened up the webpage, and looked at the source files. The coding was all over the place– font tags were breeding like rabbits through the entire html, I had these weird ////file////whatever/ tags that were almost as popular, and all the links were pointing to a file in e-drive rather than being actual links to other pages or to the image folder.


Ask the wonderful designers of Frontpage, because I sure as heck don’t know. I certainly didn’t put it all there. I ended up just bringing up the html and fixing all the code by hand. Luckily for me, I did teach myself html–in fact, my first ever webpage was coded entirely through notepad. It was basic, but it worked.

Of course, I’m now trying to teach myself CSS, and the new site is designed using one of the many free CSS base templates out there (code-sucks is a good site for these–the link is in my links page). One of the more minor problems I had was getting the header pic on the site using css (I tried doing it via html on the page itself, and it went everywhere but where I wanted it. And the CSS styling was half hidden underneath it). Of course,I had no idea how to do this via CSS. Once I googled the answer, I could have hit myself, because it was so damn obvious. Still, that’s how I tend to learn–being dumb, then uncovering obvious answers.

So, the upshot is, the new look website is mostly loaded. I haven’t checked all the links, but most of the main pages and links are all working. To all those folks who hated the links on the last design, hope this one is easier to read!

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