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as expected...

February ended without me having finished Riley 7. I am, in fact, still about 130 pages away from the end, but if I can manage ten pages a day for the next fortnight, I might just reach my goal without too much time damage. That’s a big if, though, because my brain just isn’t in writing mode at the moment. Or rather, it’s not in ‘I have to write 10 pages a day’ writing mode. It seems to give up after three or four pages and want to cruise the net for holiday locations by the sea. I think its trying to tell me something 🙂

I’m also beginning to worry that this book actually wont reach the required 400 pages. I know I say this every book, but I didn’t have a plot outline those other times–this time I do. I’m just about to write the final confrontation/ major fight scene with the bad people, and I’m really don’t  think this is going to hit the required length. I guess I’ll have to just write it and see what happens. If I can get somewhere close to 400, I’ll be happy.

Oh, and if you send me an email and you want an answer (I try to answer emails when I have time, although this isn’t always possible), then please make sure your return email address is actually working. I’ve had a number of emails recently that have bounced back as address unknown or even as rejected, which is frustrating given the time I’ve spent on them. Thanks folks!

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