slowly, slowly...

I’m getting there. I’ve had a couple of good writing days, and I’ve managed to creep up to 296 pages completed. And of course, the plot continues to deviate. I just finished adding a scene where Riley’s ability to see and talk to souls has mutated into something a whole lot scarier. I’m going to have to bump up the energy of the scene (give her more reactions to what happened) when I do the edits, but for now, I’m simply concentrating on getting the basics down and getting this finished. I’m still working up to the big final fight. I already know its not quite going to happen the way I planned–I’ve changed too many things in the lead up for the plot to work as I’d originally had it–but hopefully it’s still going to be awesome. As will the aftermath.

Because one of the questions Dia raised in Embraced by Darkness is going to get answered in book 7.


Riley 7 progress meter:

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