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I’m still sorting through the mess of my private life at the moment, but I heard some news on the audio front that I thought I’d share (especially seeing I get lots of email asking about this).

The Darkest Kiss has been licensed for audio to Recorded Books, so sometime in the next year or so, you should be able to get The Darkest Kiss in audio format. Recorded Books also purchased Tempting Evil last year, so with any sort of luck, that should be hitting the shelves soon.

In other writing news, the edits for Deadly Desire continue. I’m about half way through, and I’m hoping to finish them in the next week or so. Then I have to sit down and try to think of a plot for the eighth Riley. I know where the emotional plot has to go,  but the main action plot line remains a total mystery. But I’m thinking I need to kill someone off….


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