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that I haven’t been blogging much of late, but my personal life has gone to hell in a hand basket and I’m in the process of picking up the pieces. So, expect sporadic blogging for the next few weeks.

Writing news–Bantam have decided that they want Riley 8 next rather than Mercy Burns, the second of my myth and magic series. Which has thrown my writing schedule out the window as well. I hadn’t even begun to think about Riley 8–oh, I know where the emotional plot is going, but the rest is totally up in the air. Now I have to sit down and try to pin things down–not easy when my head is still filled with Mercy and Damon. The other problem was the deadline, which is November. Now, normally I could write a pretty reasonable book in three or four months but I also normally allow at least a month ‘resting’ time before I go back and edit.  November would have been tight, but with all the other crap going on at the moment, it’s just impossible. So, I’ve asked for a three month extension–first time I’ve had to do that, and hopefully the last.

I also won’t be going to San Francisco now (and I have my fingers crossed that I can recoup the costs of the airfares!). Which is sad, but unavoidable. But I am still planning to go to RT, so hopefully I can see you all there 🙂

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