Awesome news...

thanks to my lovely editor and most awesome agent, I learned today that Bound to Shadows is #6 on the NYT list in its debut week! How absolutely brilliant is that? :) So, a huge thanks to everyone who preordered the book, or who went out and purchased it ASAP–I’m only on the list thanks to you guys and gals!

In other news, Deadly Desire went back for reprint, which is also totally awesome (and it means it’s still selling well, which is always good news for an author–and it keeps the publisher happy.) Also, for those of you in the UK, Book Chick City has an interview up with me, and she’s also giving away a copy of Bound to Shadows.

In writing news, I actually managed to get some writing done, even though there was mucho excitement over the Times news. Risa continues to roll along, and Director Hunter has made it onto the page. Apparently, she doesn’t like McDonalds coffee. lol

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