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Finally got my rear into gear and drew the winner of my latest website contest. So, without further delay (and with an imaginary drumroll playing in the background) it’s my pleasure to announce the new owner of Victor the vampire Beanie Bear is….Shelly! Congrats.

In other news…well, there isn’t a whole lot when it comes to writing. It was basically a long weekend here in Melbourne (technically it wasn’t, but most Victorians take the Monday off before the Melbourne Cup, thereby giving themselves a four day weekend), and for a change, I took it off as well. No writing for me. I ate, I visited, I gossiped with friends, and I had a damn fine time. I did do a couple of Q&A’s for various blog sites, but that was the extent of the brain drain. Of course, now I’m having trouble getting back into writing again. The muse, she is tricky. lol

There’s more reviews of Bound to Shadows appearing on the web, and one of them is giving away a copy of Bound to Shadows as a prize. Just click the links below to check them out 🙂

Anna’s book blog (review. Giveaway ended 31 Oct.)

Readaholic (review and givaway. Open only to US & Canada residents)

Fiction Vixen (review)

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