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doing everything but writing these past few days. We told Kasey a few months ago that we’d buy her a car for her 18th birthday. Given that it’s coming up in January, we decided to get it a little earlier so she could start learning to drive in it and get to know the car before she gets her license. So that’s what we’ve been doing–car shopping.

Have you ever tried to get a teenager to make a decision? Now, that’s tough! 🙂

But after a couple of test drives, we finally got one–a Holden Viva. Which is basically Daewoo (badged under Chevrolet and Suzuki overseas) reworked into Holden standards. The Daewoo when it was here got some pretty ordinary reviews, but the Viva has been received better. It drove well and felt nice on the road, and it has some safety features other small cars didn’t (like side airbags). Plus the cd player was mp3 compatible–very important :). It’s not new, but as good as–it’s only done 29000 k, which is darn good for a two year old car (mine is only a year old and it’s done 46000 k). So, now we just have to get it and start teaching her to drive…

If you see me with grey hairs over the next month or so, you know I’ve been on driving duty. lol.

Oh, and I won’t be online over the next couple of days–I’m going down the beach with the lulus for a weekend of fun, wine and chocolate (and maybe just a little bit of writing 🙂 )

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