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a fun weekend...

was had at the beach. Lots of chat, lots of chocolate, lots of really good wine…plus the beach and sunshine. Really, what more could you want? 🙂 We did actually do some work, too, which was an added bonus. I got ten pages done on Mercy, and we solved plotting problems for both Chris (who got a revision request–go Chris!) and Robyn. Mel wisely used her time to zone out and relax (after crappy weeks at work) and Freya dutifully did the HT newsletter. All done in between the above mentioned chatting, eating and wining, of course. So, all in all, a brilliant weekend. Although next time we go, I might motivate their lazy butts and get them out and walking with me in the morning. The beach is brilliant at six am. lol.

Nothing much has happened since then, because I’ve been busy catching up with everything at home. We picked up Kasey’s new car (which is her 18th birthday present) yesterday, and she heads off to a schoolies week with her friends today (yikes–my baby girl is growing up!). Expect to see more grey hairs on me by next week. Writing wise, I am hoping to add to the ten pages I did over the weekend. It seems the muse has settled on that story for the moment, but we’ll see what happens when I actually sit down to write again.

Mercy Burns Progress Meter

Mercy Burns Progress Meter
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