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has settled on writing Mercy Burns for the moment. Which may not be a great decision, considering I haven’t got approval let alone a release date for Destiny Kills yet. Still, if I can get Mercy finished in the next month or so, it still leaves me three or four months to write the next Riley, because I don’t need to hand in another book until May. Nothing like putting myself under pressure, I suppose. But I am enjoying writing Mercy–it’s fun to play with new characters, and discover their likes, dislikes, and little foibles. And Mercy and Damon are–at the moment–easier characters to write than Destiny and Trae (the couple in the first book). Although I suspect Damon is going to cause me trouble later–he’s a dark and dangerous character (which are always fun to write) but he has some serious emotional hang-ups and they could prove problematic to write later on. We’ll see what happens. 🙂

Of course, the muse isn’t entirely over its inability to retain attention on one thing. I recently received another invitation to submit a story to an anthology, this one an Aussie paranormal romance anthology. The submission date is rather close (end of December) and I’m not entirely sure I can get a story done by then, but did that stop the muse from getting ideas? Oh no. After writing eight pages on Mercy yesterday, the muse decides she wants to play with a short, and three pages later, I had the beginnings of an excellent sounding story. Whether it actually remains excellent, or fades away into a pile of steaming dodo is another matter entirely. lol.

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