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Pete and I headed off to Hamer Hall at the Arts Centre last night to see Billy Connolly in concert. I know they say laughter is good for you, but when your cheeks ache and you can’t get your breath because you’re laughing too much, then I’m not entirely sure the saying is right. Connolly is a very funny man. His rambles about women last night had me in hysterics–I actually couldn’t see at one point, because of all the tears of laughter. And yet, as ever, when someone asks “what did he talk about’, I’m hard pressed to say. Connolly doesn’t tell a story–or a joke–straight out. He comes at them from all different angles, through various parts of the night. So it may actually take an hour or more to get a full story, but it’s a funny, funny journey. If you love comedians, and you don’t mind a bit of crudity and swearing, pick up one of Billy’s DVD’s or check him out at concert. There are certainly worse ways to while away a few hours!

Onto writing! And really, there’s not that much to say about the whole process at the moment. I’m 150 pages in on the first major edit, and am now 8 pages down on my original page count. I’m still not worried about the overall length being too short, because there’s still quite a few scenes I have to add back in. Because we went to Connolly last night, I didn’t get the chance to write anything on the Loch Ness book, but I’m hoping to do some tonight. Although, season two of Lost finally starts tonight, so you know where I’m going to be at 8.30!

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