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editing continues...

inch by inch, step by step…or maybe that should be word by word.

Have I mentioned that I hate editing?

well, not really, but there are days, when the muse is busting to be working on anything other than a story it considers finished, that it’s a real pain in the butt. I suppose the worst of it is that’s there’s some big changes in this one. Not so much to the story line, but to some–two–of the characters in it. As I mentioned before, I have to tone down one character and beef up the other. (For those who like hints, the tone-down character is a new character, the beef-up character a character mentioned in FMR). The story will definitely be better for it, but the actual process is…well…painful. In the meantime, the muse stomps her feet impatiently, wanting to get back to the Loch Ness story. I did actually let her free on it yesterday–I decided that instead of using the hour between 9 and 10 to cruise the net before I started work, I’d hand it over to the muse and the Loch Ness story. Ended up writing five pages, which is pretty darn cool. And I’m handing Sunday over to that story, too. When the muse is this hooked on a story, I need to write it!

Anyway, I’ve now deleted 45 pages from Kissing Sin, but have added back 40, so I’m still only 5 pages down and have yet to add two major scenes. The over all aim is to make this book the perfect bridge between FMR and Tempting Evil, the third book in the series which (in the unbiased opinion of the author) really rocks . Whether I succeed will be up to you all out there to decideI

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