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that’s basically what I’ve been doing for the last week. After completing major rewrites on both Embraced by Darkness and Destiny Kills, as well as all the lines edits etc for the other books, I think the muse and I were just burned out. The thought of turning around and writing yet another book so quickly was making my brain ache. So, I took a week off from writing and just did whatever I felt like doing. I played around designing a bookmark for Embraced, caught up on most of the Supernatural episodes I’d been taping but not watching, watched a few nice movies (2 weeks notice and Something New) and caught up on some overdue web updates for the RWAust website.

Of course, the bludging has now ended. Yesterday I dragged the muse back to the computer (she was kicking and screaming all the way, I tell you) and started reading what I’ve already written on Riley 6. I’ve spent so long in Destiny’s head that I now can’t remember the Riley stuff, so I needed a refresher. Once I finish that, I’ll start writing it again. Hopefully by then, the muse will be a little more enthusiastic.

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