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slow steps

I managed to write 5 pages Tuesday night, and another four tonight. I’m not exactly sure what happened yesterday–I fluffed around, looking at website designers, doing other stuff on my computer, and went shopping. Basically, writing time just didn’t seem to appear. Not that the muse had any intention of ever looking for writing time yesterday.

But the plot in this continues to involve. The vampire bad guy has morphed into something a little different. He’s sort of a vampire, but a different kind. Seems to be something of a theme in this, because I’ve also introduced vamps who feed off emotion. And we don’t know yet whether she’s good or bad–but I like her character, and might have her appear in future novels. Our bad guy vamp just attacked Riley, so I’m hoping a good fight scene will get the muse motivated a little more. Otherwise, this book is going to drag for a little while yet.

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