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computer problems...

well, on top of everything else going on, I now have computer troubles. So I’m typing this on my laptop while my main computer is in the shop getting fixed. So if you’ve sent me an email in the last month or so that hasn’t been answered, please resend it, because my c drive is wiped and I’ve lost all emails. 🙁

In other news, I’ve done more edits on Deadly Desire and have my fingers crossed that it’ll now move on to line editing. At the moment, I’m still writing Mercy Burns, even though that’s not the next contracted book (I thought it was, but Bantam want another Riley). I’m afraid if I stop writing it now, I’ll lose the flow of the characters and story. It’s happened before — which is why there probably won’t be follow ups to the Spooks series (sorry to all those who keep asking me for it!)

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