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another new release....

The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance is now available in both the US and UK. As I mentioned on the front of my website, this is the anthology that features Dreams, the short story from Quinn’s point of view. So if you were ever wondering what the hell was going on in our favorite (or not so favorite) vampire’s mind, this is the story that’ll give you a clue. 🙂   Here are the covers (US first, UK second)

mammothsmallUS   mammothsmallUK

In other news, I have my computer back and it’s almost up and running properly. There’s still a couple of programs I’ve yet to load, but at least I can now write, and edit my blog. But as often happens, other vital appliances are starting to go. The washing machine has decided to crap out, and the microwave is on the way out. I guess that makes it three, though, so hopefully nothing else will now go wrong (because these things always do happen in threes).

Writing wise, nothing much is going on. I’m still contemplating how to start Riley 8 (I might have the plot, but I haven’t yet figured out where to jump into the action) and I’m continuing to plod along with Mercy. It still feels like teeth being pulled, but I figure it can be fixed up at a later date. Right now, I just need to get words on page–and the damn book finished!

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