computer problems....

my computer has gradually been getting noisier over the last few weeks, but in the last couple of days, its reached breaking point. For me, not the computer. Its been really hot here again and as the day warms up, my computer gets noisier. It’s gotten to the point where the thing sounds like a jet plane, and it just becomes impossible to be in the same room as it.  We thought it might have been the power source going, but it turns out its the cpu fan. Hot weather doesn’t agree with it, apparently. So, Pete’s off to the swap meet tomorrow to buy me a new one, and hopefully that’ll solve the problem.

In the mean time, I’ve been using my alphasmart to write, propping myself up in front of the tv to watch the cricket and typing during the ads. It’s actually worked a treat–the muse is amused by the different surroundings and has been merrily bubbling away with ideas. I worked on the Quinn short yesterday, and Riley 7 today, and probably managed to get 10 pages done overall. Not bad considering I wouldn’t have managed more than 10 pages over the last seven days.  I’m hoping to get more writing done tomorrow, but they’re predicting temps in the high thirties again tomorrow and the computer probably won’t be fixed until the afternoon. Could be a good day to take my first swim for the season, I think!

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