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Contest time

Okay, so I’ve been slack on the updates lately, and really, I have no excuse. I have been writing–lots–but to be honest, I just had a serious case of ‘couldn’t-be-bothered’.


Anyway, I’ve decided to run another contest. Because Bantam don’t send me ARC’s for my own books, I’ve managed to snaffle one of M J Scott’s (who is both a good friend and fellow crit buddy, so the snaffling wasn’t that hard) fabulous Shadow Kin ARC’s. And, as usual, it will be accompanied by Tim Tams. The contest is really simple–all you have to do is send an email to kez @ keriarthurDOTcom (no spaces) with Shadow Kin in the header, and you’re in the draw. I’ll draw the winner (via a random number generator) Friday August 26th. Good Luck!

In other news–in case you didn’t see it on my home page, another review has come in for Darkness Unbound, this one from Publisher’s Weekly:

Keri Arthur’s new Dark Angels series launch expands the world of her Riley Jenson Guardian series, a generation later. Australian restaurateur Risa Jones is half werewolf, half Aedh (a race that can dissolve into mist), and daughter of earlier protagonist Dia Jones. While helping one of her clairvoyant mother’s clients, Risa discovers a soul stealer. Later events reveal a calamitous plot that may involve Risa’s mysterious father and the keys to hell’s gates. As Risa tries to stop the soul stealer and understand the significance of the keys, she gets a little help from her friends: a hacker, an inscrutable reaper with his own game plan, and an Aedh she meets and beds along the way. A well-foreshadowed but still shocking dénouement may bother some readers, but as always, Arthur uses the sacrifice to power a thrilling ride. (Oct.)

Pretty cool, huh? 🙂

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