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for those who don’t get my newsletter, I’m currently running a couple of contests on my website. The first features a Destiny Kills ARC, and the second signed copies of the UK/Australian September releases of Beneath a Rising Moon & Beneath a Darkening Moon. Both contests are accompanied by the usual assortment of Tim Tams and chocolate :)  To enter, simply head on over to the fun stuff page of my site, and hit the contest link to get the details.

Writing news….there’s not a whole lot happening at the moment. I’m currently in the middle of line edits for Deadly Desire (Riley 7) and I’ve only got a few days to get them finished and back to Bantam. My editor, agent and myself are also debating title possibilities for Riley 8. I suggested three (A Killer’s Kiss,  Death’s Seduction and Hunted Heart) but none of them excited Bantam. So, it was back to the drawing board. My ever so brilliant agent came up with several possibilities, and these are the three I picked: Assassin’s Heart, Last Embrace and Bound to Death. So, right now we’re waiting to see what my editor thinks. I’ll let you know as soon as we get a result.

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