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Riley 8 is underway...

that’s right, I got my butt into gear yesterday, marched it toward the computer, sat it down, and wrote. It took a while to get the opening line right, and I’m not entirely sure that I like the overall opening sequence, but at least I have words on paper. I can worry about the rightness of them later.  While I basically know the overall plot of this one, I haven’t pinned down the  little details, and it’s always the little details that are the hardest to write, especially in the first chapter of a book. For example, the plot outline tells me the story opens with Riley being called out to a murder scene but it doesn’t give me the setting, the time, who’s involved, ectera.  So the muse, she fiddles, trying various words, going back and changing them, erasing them and trying something else…it’s a long process writing a first chapter. At least it is for me. But once I get past it, I’m hoping the words will flow better. They usually do.

Mind you, I’m not sure I’ll be writing today, because I’m off to the dentist after gym. I had a broken tooth fixed last week, and now I have to go back and have them all cleaned. And I hate having my teeth cleaned. I can stand the needles, I can stand the fillings and the sharp whine of the drill, but the thought of getting them scraped and polished always makes me shudder in horror. I guess it doesn’t help that my gums tend to bleed rather horribly during the whole process. 🙁  But at least I won’t have to go back for another 6 months once it’s done (though I tend to stretch it out to a year. lol)

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