decision time....

well, I got another round of edits back for Destiny yesterday, and it’s another major rewrite. Which has forced me to make some hard decisions, simply because I just haven’t got the time, between deadlines and edits, to do everything I need to do. So, as of tonight, I’m going no mail on all the lists I’m a member of, and I also won’t be answering emails unless they contain specific questions. Sorry everyone, but I get hundreds of emails a day and, at the moment, I just can’t afford the time needed to answer them all (and I don’t like sending out generic, impersonal email replies). Of course, if you’ve sent me an email in the last month or so, you’ll know that I’ve been rather lax in answering anyway–but again, this is just a result of not having enough time. So, again, I’m sorry everyone, but for the next four months, I just have to concentrate on getting the books done.

Of course, I’m still intending to blog, and I’ll still be chatting weekly on the forum, so I’m not totally cutting myself off. I’ll be around, just not as chatty as I normally am :)

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