the half way point...

has finally been reached! Yay me! :)

I rolled over the 50000 word mark yesterday, so I’m officially on the downward slide to the end. I’m currently hoping to get to the 75K mark by the time the RWAmerica conference rolls around. Originally, I’d been hoping to finish this by then, but the Destiny edits bought that to a screaming halt.

When I first started this story, I wrote a half-page outline about the duel plots as a guide. I don’t always do this when I’m writing, but the last couple of stories have been complex, so I’ve needed something to check every now and again, just to ensure the muse and I know where we’re going. Well, yesterday I did something I rarely do–I plotted out the remainder of the book to the end. It wasn’t a detailed plot, just one line prompts more than anything, but I just felt the need to sort this story out. It felt like I was rambling on and on, and while I’m sure that’s probably not the case, I still felt the need for direction. So, I now have a page of notes to follow and, hopefully, that’ll stop the muse from feeling a little lost and rambly.

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