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ding dong, the witch is dead

and the novel is FINISHED!!!!!


(picture me running around in circles, waving my arms crazily and screaming at the top of my lungs, and you’ve pretty much got the right picture. Though if you add the piddler running around behind me, yipping at my heels, it’d probably be more accurate 😀 )

Yes, the muse decided to play the game yesterday, and we finished the final ten pages. It didn’t exactly end how I thought it would end–and I actually had tears in my eyes when I wrote some of it (tho that might just be hormones rather than good writing ;)–but it’s finished, and I can now let it sit for a while, while the muse moves on.

Of course, the way I finished it now means I’m going to have to rework the start I had for book five, but that’s not really a major hassle. Most of it will still work, I just need to work in Riley’s ‘break’ at the beginning of it. Yep, that’s a spoiler, and no, I ain’t going to explain it 😀

So, I can now move on to writing my Loch Ness book. I’m actually excited about writing this one–so much so that I dreamed about the thing last night (always a sign the muse is feeling good about something.) Anyway, I’m planning to finish the third chapter, and choof it off to Miriam (agent extraordinaire) for an opinion. As much as I want to write this one, I’m not sure whether I should, or whether I’m simply better off concentrating on my Riley books. After all, they have sold, and Bantam may want more, and I’ve learned the hard way it’s better to be several books ahead. The last thing I need is a repeat of the problems I had with Penumbra.

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