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one down, one to go

the muse got its collective act together yesterday (very reluctantly, I might add), and not only did we complete our allotted ten pages, but we finished the fight scene between Gautier and Riley. I don’t think I’ve ever written a tougher scene, even though it was just a fight scene. I mean, geez, I’ve written a thousand of them over the years, so it really shouldn’t have been a problem. But no, I was all worried about doing it justice, and that just stopped the words from flowing like they usually did. I’m actually still not sure that I did do the scene justice, but at least I now have words down on page. As the old saying goes, words are fixable. A blank page is not 🙂

One thing I am happy about is the way the scene ended. I think it was appropriate, considering what has gone on during the book and the warnings Gautier was given. And any more than that I can’t say, because I’ll be stepping into spoiler territory–and this book isn’t even on the publishing horizon yet! 😀

Anyway, I’ve hit 402 pages completed, and I’m now on the final scene. This is the wrap-up scene, but it’s also a scene where Riley makes some tough decisions–decisions that’ll affect her emotional future. And, hopefully, tie neatly in with my plans for the fifth book. 🙂

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