edits and puppy pics

I didn’t get any writing done yesterday, because I spent most of yesterday standing in queues waiting to get served. Stupid Commonwealth bank–I had to stand in line just to get a withdrawal slip! I was there for 15 minutes, and when I finally get to the counter, the chick says, “We don’t do withdrawal slips any more, you just go to the counter with your card.” Says I (in narky voice) “Well, what the hell am I supposed to do with an account that requires two signatures and my husband cannot take time off work to get here to sign a stupid form?” Says she. “Oh. Well, then you can have a slip.” SO nice of the bank to allow me to get at my own money! Of course, once I visited Pete and got him to sign it, I then had to go back and stand in line again. Such a fun experience, banks.

But the good news is that by paying cash, I saved a heap (like $200) on the fridge. And it comes today! Woohoo! No more living out of the esky for the Arthurs :)

In writing news, I got the second lot of edits back on Kissing Sin, and I’m hoping to get those done today. Seems I went a little too far with the cuts last time, so I have to edit back in some cut scenes. (or try to remember the scenes I didn’t actually save). There’s not a huge amount to do, so I’m hoping to get back to actual wriitng tomorrow.

And because I haven’t got anything else interesting to say right now, I thought I’d put up some puppy picks. Not that Finn looks too puppy-like any more–he looks like a real dog now (he’s just not as fluffy as he will be when he’s fully grown)

and yep, he’s as cute as he looks in the pic. I’ll upload a pic of Ella and Finn together tomorrow. The pair of them are never too far apart :)

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