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writing? what's that?

yep, having one of those weeks where the muse wants to do anything else but write. Of course, it did buckle down and do the Kissing Sin edits, but then, I’ve never considered edits writing, as such, but more a required fine tuning something that’s already finished. I might have ended up adding another three pages, but the muse just doesn’t think of it as ‘fresh’ stuff. I did do a read through of the Loch Ness story yesterday, and tweaked that, but mostly I was designing business cards, postcards and magnetic calenders so I could put an order into vistaprint and have something to hand out at RT. Of course, having never been to an RT convention before, I have no idea what to expect when it comes to the requirements of handouts. And I’m not going to be able to cart a whole lot from Oz, either. But I figure as long as I have something, it’ll be all right.

I planned to put up a pic of Ella and Finn together today, but I haven’t been motivated enough to get it off Kasey’s computer, so that’ll have to wait until the next time 🙂

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