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first writing update for 2010...

and I really haven’t got much to update you about! lol.

I’ve finished the line edits for Moon Sworn (Riley 9) and sent those back, and I’ve also finished the first round of edits on Mercy Burns and sent those back, I’m fully expecting Mercy to come back with more editing required, but until it does, I’m concentrating on Risa. Which, by the way, rocks. But I’ve struck a major problem. When I stopped writing Risa to do the two lots of editing, I basically stopped mid-thought. So, I have the following paragraphs…

I frowned, splashed some more water over my face and neck, then turned off the tap and sat down on the edge of the path. “Where you able to get a sense of the soul stealer’s creator before you destroyed it?”

“Unfortunately, no. I thought it more important this time to rescue you.”

This time. Meaning in the future, that decision might not be so clear cut. Irritation flared brighter, but I wasn’t entirely sure why. I really didn’t expect anything else from a reaper.

“Well, I sensed her–she’s evil, through and through. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get much more than that.”

“But you would know her if you saw her?”

I nodded and rubbed my arms. The stain of her still lingered in the dark recesses of my mind.

“Good,” he said. “That is at least a starting point.”

“We have more than that,” I said, and carefully stood up. My stomach behaved itself, but it felt like there were a hundred tiny drummers going mad inside my head. “We need to talk to Stane.”

…and do you think I can remember what she had to talk to Stane about? Nope. Not a clue. Nor did I write it down. Bum and double bum!! If I could eat chocolate I would (because chocolate makes any situation better) but right now I’m on a cleansing diet and anything decent and basically nice is out. lol. So I’m going to have to think. Maybe knocking my head against the wall a few times will jog the memory cells. lol

wish me luck!

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