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Happy New Year!

Okay, I know I’m late, but the sentiment is never-the-less heartfelt. I’m just hoping it’s not a sign of things to come (me being late for everything, that is. lol)

Seeing the new year has rolled around (and I nothing new to say, since I haven’t actually done a whole lot that is interesting yet), I thought I’d do a random list of good things and bad things of 2009. So, without further fuss, here it is:

Best thing that happened to me in 2009: Kasey wasn’t hurt in the several accidents she had.

Best writing related thing that happened to me: Both Deadly Desire and Bound to Shadows hit 6 on the NY Times bestseller list. You have no idea how much I danced those days. Thank you all for making it possible.

Best general writing thing that happened: There’s two–several lulus got requests, and Charlaine Harris proved that urban fantasy really does rule at the moment!

Best movie of 2009: Star Trek. Many may not agree but the mere fact that I’ve watched it over 15 times says something about my love. I think it’s the best reboot I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait for the next one. (and I’m not blind to the problems the movie had–I just don’t care!)

Best movie of 2009 runner up: Without a doubt, Avatar. Yeah, the storyline might be a tad predictable, but who really gives a damn? The imagery was beautiful and it made you believe (and having close-ups of Sam Worthington didn’t hurt, either 🙂  )

Most overrated movie of 2009–Terminator Salvation. Christian Bale as the charismatic John Connor? Who in their right mind thought that was a good idea?

The stealer award: This has to go to Sam Worthington for stealing Salvation from under Bale’s nose. He, Moon Bloodgood and Anton Yelchin were the best things about that movie.

Best book read of 2009: Sadly, I didn’t really read much last year. I get onto something of a historical kick in the latter half of the year and have read–and really enjoyed–most of Julia Quinn’s novels. I also enjoyed Loretta Chase’s Lord of Scoundrels. Urban Fantasy wise, I again didn’t read much, but I loved Iiona Andrew’s Magic Strikes.

Low point of 2009: The divorce coming though. He was a liar and a cheat, but it’s still hard to walk away from 30 years of your life. Especially when you’re all but walking away from people you’ve come to see as your second family.

Hopes for 2010:

All the lulus get contracts.

All the Dames get contracts and/or hit the bestseller lists (let Dame domination begin!)

The book in the back of my brain actually makes it onto the computer screen.

Another contract would always be good (need to pay off the house. lol)

Oh, and world peace. (yes, I watch too many Sandra Bullock movies 🙂  )

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