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for those that believe in it...

…happy valentines day.

Me, I think this day is a crock. Always have. It’s not about love–it’s all about people making lots and lots of money. That probably sounds surprisingly cynical coming from someone who writes romance, but hey, someone has to speak up for the true meaning of romance. And where’s the romance in having a ‘special’ day where all the stores and flower shops jack up their prices 100% and people are made to feel guilty if they don’t get their other half something? Romance isn’t having one set day and being told you have to give the love of your life something. Romance is giving your lover a gift (whatever that gift is, be it flowers, chocolate or a thumb drive!) because you want to, and when it’s least expected. Romance is unexpectedly throwing your arms around your other half’s neck and telling them you love them, just because you can. Romance is bringing home flowers for no particular reason, or buying the dinner because you know your lover has had a shit of a day. Splurging on one day, then ignoring the whole thing the rest of the year just doesn’t count in my opinion.

Anyway, enough of that! On to writing–not that there’s been a huge amount of it happening. I’m still on the edit trail, and once I finish Kissing Sin, have Tempting Evil here to do. Still, there’s not as many changes on Tempting, so hopefully it won’t take long. Which is good, because I need to get back to my Loch Ness story!

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