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well, I didn’t get to write any of my Loch Ness story last night. I wanted to, but I was so darn close to finishing the major rewrites of Kissing Sin that I just decided to plough on with those. And it worked, because I did actually finish them. WooHoooo! 😀 All in all, I’ve deleted about 67 pages, but added back 77, so I’m ten pages up on the overall page count. Hopefully, this novel will seem a whole lot more action orientated now than it was before (not that it was slow or anything–a whole lot happens in this book–but compared to the first and third books, it was more chatty.) Now I have to go through it all again and do the line edits–a difficult task considering I’ve lost so many pages. I feel sorry for my poor editor–I’m absolutely blind when it comes to spotting grammar mistakes, so she’ll probably have to do another read-thru check on the book. Sorry Anne!

In other news, I just choofed off an email for my prefered ‘chat times’ for the RT convention club lounge, and have chatted to the lovely lady organising the book fair about getting my books there. It’s getting soooo exciting! I’ve never been to an RT convention before, but have always wanted to because they look such a hoot. But the added bonus for me this year is that many of the people who I chat to over the net are going to be there. It’ll be such a blast to meet everyone and talk face to face (and see how far out my image of them all is 😀 ) Of course, if they’re looking for the me that appears in the publicity photo, they’re going to be sadly disappointed. That me has make-up shovelled on thick and deep. The real me is short, round, and freckly, and has far more wrinkles than that photo!

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