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good days, bad days, and car rallys...

I started off the writing week determined to do a minimum of ten pages a day, and it went really well for the first couple of days. Managed to get 12 pages on Monday, 10 on Tuesday, and 8 on Wednesday. Then it all went to hell. Thursday was a lost cause, because I had no idea how I was going to stop the bad guy doing all the murders in this book, and I ended up cruising the net doing a whole lot of research. Found some really cool magic sites in the process, but it was actually a research paper on the use of iron and its relation to magic down through the ages that gave me the answer I needed. But of course, by the time I found that site, it was nearing tea time. And then 15, Jericho and Bones was on, so no writing done. (I tend not to tape if I can help it, because I always forget to watch them). I have no idea what I did Friday, but it certainly didn’t involve writing in any way, shape or form.

We had another open house on Saturday, so it was mad clean up time in the morning, then we grabbed the dogs and went visiting (they love going for drives, which is just as well, because the friend we visited lives down whoop-whoop way. Which is Aussie for the back of beyond ;)) And today we went on a car rally–and won! We were convinced we’d be next to last, because everyone was zooming past us at a rate of knots and we got sidetracked (fancy term for lost) near the end. The rally ended up at a bird sanctuary and maze (and yep, we also got lost in the maze), and the organisers managed to get the BBQ done before the weather set in and the rain came down. It turned out we were the only ones that answered all the questions right (well, except for one which they ended up taking out because the actual question wasn’t clear and they got a thousand different answers, none of them right). So, a good, fun family day for the Arthurs 🙂 I’m writing right now, and I’m hoping to get at least five pages done before I have to feed the crew. And of course, Aussie Idol is on tonight (go the Irish guy!), so no writing after tea for me tonight. But I’m going to have to make up for lost pages next week, otherwise this book is never going to meet the deadline.

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